Focus ZWO AS103MC on Lunt LS50THA

I connected the ZWO camera into the Lunt eyepiece holder but I wasn’t able to get it to focus.  So, did some research on the Internet.  The trick is to unscrew the eyepiece holder and screw the ZWO camera directly into the diagonal.  The pull the diagonal back from the telescope to get it close to focus.  Then use the focuser to fine tune.



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Pressure tuning Lunt Telescope

With the focusing figured out, I next tried on a perfectly clear day.  This time the pressure tuning worked fine.  It was a little hard to see much but I think might have been due to nothing on the surface of the sun.  But as I continued to try, I finally noticed something on the edges.  I don’t know my solar terms yet but something was extending from the surface of the sun on the edge.  It was very interesting. 

For the next try the next day, I switched from the zoon eyepiece that goes from 24mm to 8 mm to a 5mm eyepiece.  The results where better in general but also nothing really to see. 

Oh well, the Lunt was really purchased for the solar eclipse so figured out the general configuration.  I also used it for the first time on the Meade LX70 mount and the difference in stability was very apparent compared to the camera tripod.


Focusing Lunt Telescope

Since I had issuing on the first attempt at using the Lunt telescope, I had to wait until the next clear day.  This time I had a much better experience.  I read that you had to not push the blocking filter all the way in.  There was a holding screw so I opened it out and then didn’t push the blocking filter all the way in and then locked the hold screw in.  I also set the the focusing ring to around half way.

This time I was able to get a crisp image.  I didn’t have luck with the pressure tuning but there was some hazy so will try again on a perfectly clear day.



Installing Solar Filters for Binoculars

I decided to purchase the solar filters I researched before.  The installing was very easy.  I had noticed a video on Rainbow Symphony’s website on how to do the installing.  I add to double up the felt but it was good fit.  Unfortunately, it was rainy today so not able to test.


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