I tried three times to capture an image of the comet. The first night I took out the Meade ETX90EC and Canon T3i. Unfortunately, I didn’t put the finderscope back on after storing it. This made it hard to find the comet. I was able to find the comet but couldn’t focus since the live view on the Canon wouldn’t show the comet. Eventually, I just took pictures and checked the focus. I run out of time before the comet set behind some shrubs.

The next night, I setup everything early. Earlier in the day, I had added the finderscope. I was able to find the comet easily but still had the focusing issue. So, I pointed the telescope at a bright star to get the focusing close. I moved back to the comet and start focusing. The electronic focuser broke. So, brought everything inside. I took the focuser apart expecting to find a broken gear. Nothing was broke and put it back together and it all worked. So, I took everything back outside. I tried some more shots before behind the shrub again.

The third night I just took out the camera. I was able to find the comet so starting trying different exposure settings. Then, I tried different focusing and just shot a bunch of images. The best image is on this post.

The full image is available at,_2020.

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