Tripod for Lunt Telescope

I mentioned I purchased a Lunt telescope and the next thing I wanted to get with a tripod.  My long term plan was to get a equatorial mount but I thought the tripod would be fine to get started.  Also, I just use a full-sized tripod for photography.

I decided to go with the Orion Tritech II Field Tripods with Fluid Pan Head.  I didn’t do a lot of research since it was just a tripod and so far have had good experiences with Orion equipment.

The tripod arrived in a couple of days and setup was straightforward.  The Lunt LS50THA was fairly stable.  The controls on the tripod were all the standard ones.  My first impression was it met my goals.


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Meade tripod

For my Meade ETX90, I originally purchased the tabletop tripod legs.  As I was thinking about getting into astronomy as a serious hobby, I was thinking that a full tripod would be nice addition to my equipment.  This was a situation were eBay is so helpful.  I was able to find the Deluxe Field Tripod that was reasonably priced and won an auction.

The tripod was a great addition.  The tripod has a tilt-plate which allows for a equatorial mounting.

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