Installing Solar Filters for Binoculars

I decided to purchase the solar filters I researched before.  The installing was very easy.  I had noticed a video on Rainbow Symphony’s website on how to do the installing.  I add to double up the felt but it was good fit.  Unfortunately, it was rainy today so not able to test.


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Solar filters for binoculars

In working through getting our supplies for the solar eclipse trip, I was thinking about getting a pair of solar binoculars to match the kid’s smaller solar binoculars.  But, decided to pass since I hope to get a solar telescope.  But, than as I was skimming one of the eclipse books I purchased, I saw a section on solar filters.  I knew they existed for telescopes but found out they existed for binoculars too. 

So, I did some research but the prices were very high.  Some were similar prices to dedicated solar binoculars.  But, then I found out Rainbow Symphony sold film solar filters instead of the more expensive glass filters.  The price was around $20 though would need two.  I added it to my purchase list.


Binocular review

I decided to go with the Orion 10×50 Binocular Stargazing Kit.

I liked this product for a couple of reason.  First, it was the recommended size of binocular.  Second, it came with a software program which was nice because I wanted to research astronomy software also.  Lastly it had a small red flashlight and a planisphere.

When my package arrived, one of the lens on the binocular wasn’t screwed in all the ways.  Orion handled the exchange with great customer service.  The replacement binocular worked great.  I read through the one-page manual and got them all setup for my eyesight.  I did some terrestrial viewing and the results were excellent.  I still haven’t looked up at the stars yet.

Overall, I would recommend this product as a great introduction to astronomy.

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Binocular purchase

I started doing my research into the next telescope I should purchase.  I currently have the Meade ETX90 but wanted to get something bigger.  But, my initial research said that binoculars were actually a good first step.

Orion Telescopes have a great set of videos.  I watched their Getting Started video first which lead into the How to Choose a Binocular video.

The video pointed to a 10×50 binocular has a good option for astronomy.

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