Solar Eclipse from Atmosphere

Interesting article and video about seeing the eclipse from the atmosphere on Bad Astronomy blog.…-from-32000-meters-above-the-earth


Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017

I went to Madras, Oregon to view the total solar eclipse at Oregon Solarfest

I setup a couple of cameras.  The first was using a solar filter over a telephoto lens on my Canon.  I took a couple of shots during the first contact phase.  The main effort was using the Lunt and ZWO to try to capture totality.  The last was using the Canon to record a video during the event pointed at the horizon.  The results are located in the articles wiki for astrophotography events for the total solar eclipse

The video of using the Lunt and ZWO didn’t turn out.  The still images are great but the video needed some different type of exposure settings.  The view from the Canon was fine but the video of the event using the Canon was great.  Like I read, it was great to record the surroundings and our reactions to the event.

The total solar eclipse itself was incredible to see with my own eyes.  I am sure with more practice I could figure out the exposure settings but it was just incredible to experience though way too short.  I was also amazed by the temperature change.  Didn’t expect that.

Lastly, here are some news videos for the place we camped and nearby:

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Installing Solar Filters for Binoculars

I decided to purchase the solar filters I researched before.  The installing was very easy.  I had noticed a video on Rainbow Symphony’s website on how to do the installing.  I add to double up the felt but it was good fit.  Unfortunately, it was rainy today so not able to test.


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Solar filters for binoculars

In working through getting our supplies for the solar eclipse trip, I was thinking about getting a pair of solar binoculars to match the kid’s smaller solar binoculars.  But, decided to pass since I hope to get a solar telescope.  But, than as I was skimming one of the eclipse books I purchased, I saw a section on solar filters.  I knew they existed for telescopes but found out they existed for binoculars too. 

So, I did some research but the prices were very high.  Some were similar prices to dedicated solar binoculars.  But, then I found out Rainbow Symphony sold film solar filters instead of the more expensive glass filters.  The price was around $20 though would need two.  I added it to my purchase list.


Eclipse book

In preparation for the solar eclipse of 2017, I decided to get a few books.  The first was Total Solar Eclipse 2017 by Marc Nussbaum


Solar Eclipse Planning

Sometime back in 2015, I created a future task to start planning for the solar eclipse in 2017.  Earlier this year, a post on Seattle Astronomy talked about viewing the eclipse from Madras, Oregon at Oregon Solarfest.   The website has changed a lot since then but was very simple back in the spring.  I sent an email asking about camping opportunities and was able to secure a campsite.

I have been creating an ongoing checklist of preparations for the event.  The family has decided to make it the summer trip so researching other sites to see in central Oregon.

One thing I thought would be good to get ahead of was purchasing solar glasses for the entire family.  I decided to get the kids some solar binoculars to make it a little more interesting.


Sunoculars - Mini 6 X 30