Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse

The day started out with a lot of clouds so I didn’t think would get a chance to see the eclipse.  But, the clouds moved out right before the start.  I setup my Meade ETX90EC and connected my Canon T3i.  I was a little out of practice so didn’t get the best focus or exposure but it was a great sight to see with the naked eye.

The full image are available at,_2019.


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Observing Session–July 25, 2018

It has been clear nights all this week so setup the Meade Lightbridge since Jupiter and Saturn are up at sunset and Mars would rise around 10:30 PM.  Forgot to check the moon but it was also already up.  I also decided to let the kids stay up late since so many targets to view.

Collimation went very easy.   It was still hot out have a 89 degree days.  Also for the first time noticed mosquitoes. 

The moon was too bright in the Lightbridge.  It left a shadow image in my eye.

Jupiter was similar to previous viewing sessions this summer.  The moons had moved to two on each side.

Saturn was awesome.  It was a little blurry but think I made out a ring division.  But, overall it was just wow and my best view of Saturn so far.

I waited a hour for Mars to rise above the trees on the horizon.  It was very big but still fuzzy.  I wasn’t sure if the dust storm on Mars so that it was just too low to the horizon.

Great session overall.

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Moon and Venus-March 20, 2018

I took a picture of the Moon and Venus low in the western sky on March 18, 2018.  The Moon and Venus are further apart.  A better image is located at,_2018.


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Moon and Venus-March 18, 2018

I took a picture of the Moon and Venus low in the western sky on March 18, 2018.  A better image is located at,_2018


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Super Blue Moon

The clouds cleared and I was able to use the Meade ETX 90EC with the Canon to get some images of the moon.  Unfortunately, the clouds came back and I missed the lunar eclipse in the morning.

The full image is available at,_2018.



Wolf Moon on January 1, 2018

I took a picture of the Wolf Moon.  More information on the image can be found on our wiki.