Counterweight for LightBridge

When I started testing my point-and-shot camera doing afocal photography, I added an Orion SteadyPix Deluxe Camera Mount.  However, when I pointed the LightBridge at a telephone pole in the distance for testing, the LightBridge tube was too top heavy.

I did some research and one common solution was to add some magnets.  Though it wasn’t as easy to purchase some magnets that also had some weight, I eventually found enough and they acted as a counter-balance.  It was nice in the end to have a number of smaller magnets because I could remove them if needed.  I also got some felt to prevent any scratching.



Installing Solar Filters for Binoculars

I decided to purchase the solar filters I researched before.  The installing was very easy.  I had noticed a video on Rainbow Symphony’s website on how to do the installing.  I add to double up the felt but it was good fit.  Unfortunately, it was rainy today so not able to test.


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Galactic to Equatorial

We created a Galactic to Equatorial Astronomy Calculator.


Equatorial to Galactic

We created an Equatorial to Galactic Astronomy Calculator.


Solar Telescope

While planning our trip to the solar eclipse, I thought getting a solar telescope might be a nice way to really enjoy the time before and after the eclipse.  My long-term telescope purchasing plan had one on the agenda but as a low priority.  I read some article a long time ago about the Coronado Personal Solar Telescope.  So, I did some new research the Personal Solar Telescope.  It was as I remembered it but the price seems a lot higher.

I also recalled that the Orion Dobsonian I originally planned to get before I purchased the used Lightbridge included a solar filter.  But, after doing some more research into solar filter, I was a little worried if they got a scratch or hole.  Probably not warranted but still.

I also though the Personal Solar Telescope seemed kind of limited.  I knew there were other models from Coronado but the price raised dramatically.  So, I researched if there were other manufacturers and found Lunt.  It had a good range of models and also made the binoculars I got for the kids.

I created a price matrix between the low end models for Lunt and Coronado.  The Lunt LS50THA 50mm telescope looked like a good price for more features.  The decision was made when I saw some astrophotography pictures people posted online.  The images were very compelling.


Equatorial to Ecliptic

We created an Equatorial to Ecliptic Astronomy Calculator.