Celestron FirstScope accessory kit purchase

The Celestron FirstScope worked great for the kids.  But, one problem they had right away was pointing the telescope at something to look at.  It was tough to align for them.  I remember there was an accessory kit for the FirstScope.  The kit included an finderscope which would help with the alignment.  It also included […]

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Binocular purchase

I started doing my research into the next telescope I should purchase.  I currently have the Meade ETX90 but wanted to get something bigger.  But, my initial research said that binoculars were actually a good first step. Orion Telescopes have a great set of videos.  I watched their Getting Started video first which lead into

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Meade tripod

For my Meade ETX90, I originally purchased the tabletop tripod legs.  As I was thinking about getting into astronomy as a serious hobby, I was thinking that a full tripod would be nice addition to my equipment.  This was a situation were eBay is so helpful.  I was able to find the Deluxe Field Tripod

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Meade ETX-90EC

I purchased my Meade ETX-90EC in the summer of 1999.  My wife and I were joining my parents for a few days on their vacation to Bend, Oregon.  I can’t remember why I went into the store but I did and noticed the ETX.  I was amazed that it was automatic and could point at

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