Celeston FirstScope telescope purchase

I was starting to get re-acquainted with my Meade ETX90.  I have had it for some many years but just haven’t made the time to take it outside.  At first, I was just pointing it out an open house window to look at the Moon or Jupiter.  But, got to start some place.

But, I quickly found out that my two young children wanted to look through it also.  I definitely wanted to encourage this but also was a little concern that they might break or stratch something.  So, I started looking for an option for them.

I found the Celeston FirstScope telescope.  I really liked it because the price was very reasonable and everything was included in the package.  The reflector telescope included a small stand and two eyepieces:  a 20mm and a 4mm.  The telescope has a 76mm aperture which compares similarly to the ETX90 at 90mm.  Looks like a good telescope for young kids.