How to position a Lunt Blocking Filter

In the process of taking parts of the Lunt LS50THA apart, I wasn’t sure how to position the blocking filter.  Both sides had the same screw fitting.  So, I emailed Lunt and got clarification.  One side has a blue/green tint.  That side should go towards the scope.  The other side has a red tint and that goes towards the eyepiece.


First Light with Lunt LS50THA

When my Lunt telescope arrived, it was February and not a lot of sunny days in Seattle.  But, the skies parted and the sun was out.  I was finally able to go outside with the Lunt on the tripod and try it out.  The Sol-Searcher made it very easy to point at the sun. 

I followed the instructions to focus first before pressure tuning.  But the focusing just didn’t seem to work.  I then noticed that the rubber band was slipping and not turning anything.  I then remember a screw that was in the box so got that.  It turns out to be a focus lock screw.  I used that move the helical style focuser but never got it to focus.  I tried pressure tuning but nothing really changed the appearance of the sun and no details.  It was cool to see the sun but not what I was expecting.

I gave up and looked closer at the telescope that night.  I noticed a line on the focuser but it was under the telescope.  I then realized the clamshell could be rotated so that made more sense to have the line visible from above.

In the process of figuring out how everything screwed together, I realized the the blocking filter didn’t have to be pushed all the way into the focuser before locking it in place. 

I will test that next time the sun is out.


Tripod for Lunt Telescope

I mentioned I purchased a Lunt telescope and the next thing I wanted to get with a tripod.  My long term plan was to get a equatorial mount but I thought the tripod would be fine to get started.  Also, I just use a full-sized tripod for photography.

I decided to go with the Orion Tritech II Field Tripods with Fluid Pan Head.  I didn’t do a lot of research since it was just a tripod and so far have had good experiences with Orion equipment.

The tripod arrived in a couple of days and setup was straightforward.  The Lunt LS50THA was fairly stable.  The controls on the tripod were all the standard ones.  My first impression was it met my goals.