First Light with Lunt LS50THA

When my Lunt telescope arrived, it was February and not a lot of sunny days in Seattle.  But, the skies parted and the sun was out.  I was finally able to go outside with the Lunt on the tripod and try it out.  The Sol-Searcher made it very easy to point at the sun. 

I followed the instructions to focus first before pressure tuning.  But the focusing just didn’t seem to work.  I then noticed that the rubber band was slipping and not turning anything.  I then remember a screw that was in the box so got that.  It turns out to be a focus lock screw.  I used that move the helical style focuser but never got it to focus.  I tried pressure tuning but nothing really changed the appearance of the sun and no details.  It was cool to see the sun but not what I was expecting.

I gave up and looked closer at the telescope that night.  I noticed a line on the focuser but it was under the telescope.  I then realized the clamshell could be rotated so that made more sense to have the line visible from above.

In the process of figuring out how everything screwed together, I realized the the blocking filter didn’t have to be pushed all the way into the focuser before locking it in place. 

I will test that next time the sun is out.


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