LightBridge–First Light

I saw some articles about Saturn being at opposition so figured this would be a good time to take the LightBridge out and try it out.  Friday night was still cloudy but the weather forecast called for a much warmer weekend.  Saturday night looked great.  I put the telescope in the garage and waited until 10:00 PM and the kid’s bedtime.  The red dot viewfinder worked great.  I assumed I needed the eyepiece extension but never could focus with it.  So, took it out and there was Saturn.

But, I was a little disappointed.  I wasn’t expecting Hubble images.  I could see the rings but didn’t seem much better than the ETX.  Also, Mars was nearby and we I looked at that, it was just a bigger white dot.  I let the kids see and they enjoyed it but not what I was hoping for with a 10” mirror. 

After thinking about it, I realized I was only able to use the included 26mm wide angle eyepiece.  Without the adapter, I could try the eyepieces I had to for the ETX.  Then also realized I hadn’t align it.

So, it was interesting but just brought up a bunch more questions.

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