ZWO ASI034MC Initial Setup

ClearSkyTonight_ZWO_2ClearSkyTonight_ZWO_1The initial setup was very easy.  The camera was a basically one piece.  I screwed in the eyepiece adapter and put on the cover.  I was going to use it as a guider so was only interested in the USB cable.

There was a small CD with drivers and a manual.  I read the manual and it said to install the driver and then test via some included software.  That all seemed to work fine.

Next, I looked for updated drivers.  The driver was to download the existing one and it removed the included software also.  But, I figured the new drivers were probably better.  I also found an updated manual.

The manual suggested downloading SharpCap and FireCapture.  I downloaded and installed both.  They both seemed to connect to the camera and something was displayed though without being in a telescope and preview image was just a solid color.

But everything seemed to be working and ready to try in a telescope.