What is Clear Sky Tonight?

Clear Sky Tonight (CST) is an astronomy community for the rest of us. It is a place to learn about astronomy and discuss astronomy with others who share your interest. It is also a place learn more about our web and mobile applications and use the Astronomy Calculator.

As I started wanting to learn more about astronomy, I was frustrated by the lack of simple answers to my questions.  I read many beginner books and did some Internet searching.  But, I didn’t easily find answers to what I thought were basic questions like what is in the sky tonight that I might want to see or which telescope is good for a beginner who wants to do more.

I was also frustrated by the apps on mobile devices like the iPhone.  Many are amazing and wonderful applications but many were complex.  I just wanted to answer a question for my child about what planet could we see tonight or where was a specific constellation.

Lastly, in order to answer some of these questions myself, I developed a number of interfaces that performed certain astronomy calculations.  I grouped those together into something I call the Astronomy Calculator.