Daytime images of Matt's telescopes and cameras

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This article is documenting a series of telescope and camera test combinations of a terrestrial image to learn about the relative sizes of the resulting images.


  • Meade ETX90EC
    • 90 mm or 3.54”
  • Meade LX70 refractor
    • 120 mm or 4.724”
  • Meade Lightbridge
    • 254 mm or 10”


  • Canon T3i
  • ZWO AS103MC

Daylight test image using 55 mm lens
Daylight test image

The target was the top of an electrical pole a few blocks away from my house. I had the telescopes pointed out my office window through the glass. I tried to focus but didn’t worry if not in focus since during daylight and pointed through a window. Here is the image using the Canon T31 with the lens at 55 mm focal length.

My workflow was to attach the camera to the telescope. Both the ETX and LX70 had adapter to connect the DSLR directly. I didn’t try the DSLR with the Lightbridge. The ZWO went in the eyepiece holder. I would focus using the Live View on the Canon and with the preview in SharpCap for the ZWO. I look three images using a shutter release on the Canon. I took just one image for the ZWO test. I also checked the results using one of two Meade 2X Barlows. The ETX had an unique one called a “2X Telenegative”.



ZWO and Barlow