LightBridge accessories

I wanted to purchase a 1.25” to 2” eyepiece adapter.  I was going to purchase Meade version but then noticed a similar one by Orion Telescopes.  They also had a more expensive version that was better centered called the Precision Centering Adapter.  I decided to order that one.

I also decided to get a collimator.  Again, I was thinking of going with the Meade model especially since it has an adapter too.  But, again I went with a Orion version called LaserMate Deluxe II Telescope Laser Collimator.

Finally, I decided to get a case to hold all these accessories.  The carrying case for the ETX had spots for many things but figured another one would be nice to have.  I went with a Orion Large Deluxe Accessory Case.

In the future, I will get a light shroud and a cover to leave the telescope out at night to cool down.

I also wanted some option to store the telescope.  Due to its size, I figured a case would be too expensive assuming anyone even made one.  But, then I found forum post that mentioned using a Dewalt tool case.  I got one of those and will now be able to store it safely and without worry about dust.

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