Astrophotography books

I wanted to learn what settings on the camera to use for both astrophotography and general night sky photography.  So, I purchased a couple of books: Photography Night Sky: A Field Guide for Shooting After Dark Getting Started: Budget Astrophotography The first book was by Jennifer Wu.  I made a first pass through the book. 

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DSLR adapter

I had purchased an adapter for my Meade ETX-90 to work with my film Nikon SLR when I first purchased the telescope.  But, like most things, I never got around to using it. So, I started researching a Canon mount.  Meade no longer sold any T-Mounts for the ETX-90.  I purchased one from another source

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Canon T3i

In my planning for future purchases, I wanted to eventually get a CCD camera but I knew that is a ways off.  In the short-term, I wanted to get a starter astrophotography camera but decided to go the more traditional route and use a DSLR with a telescope.  I did some research and found the

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