DSLR adapter

I had purchased an adapter for my Meade ETX-90 to work with my film Nikon SLR when I first purchased the telescope.  But, like most things, I never got around to using it.

So, I started researching a Canon mount.  Meade no longer sold any T-Mounts for the ETX-90.  I purchased one from another source but it was on back-order for too long.

I re-did the research and found a mount at Telescopes.com for a Zhumell Mounting T-Ring for Canon EOS.

I had already purchased the Meade #64 T-Adapter to connect to the telescope so the T-mount on the Canon worked great. 

I realized quickly that I would need a quick release shutter cable but didn’t realize those had changed from the old SLR.  Fortunately, Canon had created a remote switch which I found on Amazon. 

So, I connected the whole assemble and I was able to see something in the Canon display.  The next step is to figure out the settings on the Canon and do some tests.