Observing Session-October 30, 2017

The night was looking clear so started the telescope cool down in the garage.  I had also read about the controls on the camera and found the feature to zoom in on the Live View to help with focusing.  So tried that and a much better session.  However, I am not sure if a dark or light exposure of the moon looks better aesthetically.


Full image located at https://clearskytonight.com/wiki/October_30,_2017


Observing Session–October 24, 2017

The night before was clear but I forgot to take out the ETX to cool before getting back from walking the dogs.  But tonight I took it out during dinner.  I connected the Canon after dinner and looked for Saturn.  It was in the southwest and was almost behind the tree.  I moved the tripod and took some images.  I struggled trying to remember the settings on the Canon and accidently erased the memory card.  Opps!! 

But, I did get images of Saturn and the Moon.  I looked at the images on the computer and Saturn was blurry but the moon wasn’t that bad.


Full image located at https://clearskytonight.com/wiki/October_24,_2017

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Solar Eclipse from Atmosphere

Interesting article and video about seeing the eclipse from the atmosphere on Bad Astronomy blog.



Harvest Moon

I took a picture of the harvest moon with the Canon T3i using the 200mm lens and tripod.  For image info is available at https://clearskytonight.com/wiki/Oct_5,_2017.