Meade LX70 and Polar Alignment Scope

With the Meade LX70 mount, I also purchased the Polar Alignment Scope.  Again, I had to download the instructions off of the Meade website.  It was easy to remove the existing item and screw the polar alignment scope in.

However, I was confused when I looked through it.  I couldn’t see anything.  I looked at the other end and it seemed to be blocked.  But, there wasn’t anything in the manual and thought I was just missing something.  But, then I turned a part of the mount and it was revealed the piece inside had a different shape.  Problem solved.

The next step is to align with the mount but that will be for another time.



Day of Week from Julian date

We created a Day of Week from Julian date Astronomy Calculator.


Purchased Meade LX70 Mount

As I was trying out the Lunt telescope, it was becoming apparent that the camera tripod wasn’t the best solution.  It worked but was hard to make minor adjustments.  I saw a sale on the Meade LX70 mount so decided to purchase it.  It was a German Equatorial mount so it would give me a chance to learn about that type of mount.

It arrived and I assembled it.  The instructions were missing but downloaded from Meade’s website. 



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Calendar Date to Julian Date

We created a Calendar Date to Julian Date Astronomy Calculator.


Date to Day

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