Electric Focuser for Meade ETX-90

I noticed that one of the accessories for the ETX-90 was an electric focuser.  I thought it would be helpful since it is hard to get a clear image when focusing manually.

I purchased a Meade #1244 Electric Focuser.  The instructions were very straight forward to add it to the ETX-90.  It was able to connect the AutoStar controller also.

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Finderscope for Meade ETX-90

When I had my last observing session, I was very frustrated by the straight-through finderscope on the ETX-90.  I noticed there was a Meade right-angle finderscope but it wasn’t for sale anymore.  It was out-of-stock at many Internet websites too.  I monitored eBay for a while and one didn’t come up for auction.  I did some research and found some forum posting for some options.  One was to purchase an Orion Right-Angle finderscope.

So, I purchased one.  After it arrived, I removed the default finderscope from the ETX-90 but the Orion finderscope was too big to fit in the mount.  I then noticed that were mounts available from Orion for Meade telescopes.  I had a chat session with Orion and found they wouldn’t work for the ETX-90.  The only solution was to glue it to the telescope tube.

So, I decided to just live with the existing finderscope.

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DSLR adapter

I had purchased an adapter for my Meade ETX-90 to work with my film Nikon SLR when I first purchased the telescope.  But, like most things, I never got around to using it.

So, I started researching a Canon mount.  Meade no longer sold any T-Mounts for the ETX-90.  I purchased one from another source but it was on back-order for too long.

I re-did the research and found a mount at Telescopes.com for a Zhumell Mounting T-Ring for Canon EOS.

I had already purchased the Meade #64 T-Adapter to connect to the telescope so the T-mount on the Canon worked great. 

I realized quickly that I would need a quick release shutter cable but didn’t realize those had changed from the old SLR.  Fortunately, Canon had created a remote switch which I found on Amazon. 

So, I connected the whole assemble and I was able to see something in the Canon display.  The next step is to figure out the settings on the Canon and do some tests.


Canon T3i

In my planning for future purchases, I wanted to eventually get a CCD camera but I knew that is a ways off.  In the short-term, I wanted to get a starter astrophotography camera but decided to go the more traditional route and use a DSLR with a telescope.  I did some research and found the Canon T3i to be a good starter camera that would work with the ETX-90 and also work for a family camera.

I added to my Amazon wish list and monitored the price.  Over the winter holidays, the camera went on sales as a bundle with a telephoto lens so I purchased it.

The camera out the box was great.  The manual had a bunch of controls and settings but the auto mode worked fine too.  I purchased a view accessories right away:

  • carry bag
  • small tripod
  • lens cleaning kit
  • memory cards
  • spare battery
  • camera pouch
  • book about camera